Sunday, February 21, 2010

Metal scrap on wheels

Guys, I have just returned from a highway to hell in a white metal scrap on wheels whobbling as the driver cruised down the road ignoring potholes and humps. Mind you we were packed like sardines sitting four in a row though illegal as metal on the backless seats scratched and pinched my behind.

I held my breath as the bald and toothless driver manouvered the crooked steering wheel as if he was playing a video game.I literally could see the tarmac in holes as I looked down as the piece of scrap increased speed. The shocks were gone and the nuts on the makeshift seats loose.

As I looked up, the conducter's unshaved armpits was a few inches from my face his unbathed body stinking, his backside hanging out the window as he stood on the journey to hell.

There was no time to enjoy the beauty outside as I silently recited the Our Father and Hail Mary prayers as I clutched on to my red rosary fearing for my dear life! Wondering I was if we would make it to our destination as the driver with a suspected knife scar healed wound on the back of his neck changed gears in what looked like an automatic vehicle!

You guessed it, I was the first one out of that minibus imposter at the stage in Blantre, panting and walking slowly to give a chance for my heart to slow down.

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