Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mozambican Dancers...

Despite it raining, these girls danced their lungs out to the beautiful rhythms and drum beats looking at the sky as if teasing while they waited for Malawian visitors. They shook their heads to remove excess water and when it was time for the real performance they had dried up. They indeed gave Malawian children a very warm VIP welcome.

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Took this picture of children in Milange, Mozambique admiring visiting Malawian children

Tracing footsteps to lead me home

Greetings from the Warm Heart Africa, Malawi.

I'm a Malawian journalist who grew up in many countries including South Africa, Belgium, then West Germany, UK, Washington DC and New York in the US and I love New York.

Trying to come up with the production of my life and by compiling some of my 1000 poems into a book called ‘Tracing Footsteps’ to lead me Home with excellent photography.

I also plan to film award winning documentaries based on the history of this ancient land called Malawi and the mysteries of the Sirius star. this space.