Saturday, March 13, 2010

A mother once again

Enifa Ndeule in her 50s and living in Manje location in Blantyre grew up a happy woman raising children and living with a "workaholic" husband who although poor provided for his family.

She watched her children get married and she became a grandmother. But alas her happiness was short-lived as her daughter died and left three orphans. Mayi Ndeule is now raising the children including her orphaned grandson seen here. Her husband has aged and is not in the best of health so she is now the sole breadwinner in the family mostly relying on selling farm products.

After receiving donations for her little one from a church group, Mayi Ndeule openly wept and asked why such a "mis-fortune" had befallen her while praying to God to ease her plight. Tears flowed down her cheeks and a look of pain was written all over her face as she sobbed while narrating her story.

There are many elderly women like Ndeule in Malawi who have found themselves once again playing the role of mother by raising their grand-children after their mothers passed away. There are many elderly women like Ndeule who feel helpless as they already live in extreme poverty.

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