Saturday, May 22, 2010

Befriending Aunt Tina in Bangwe

Aunt Tina as she's called is a friendly mentally disturbed woman in Bangwe whose face glows when she meets people. As I took out my camera to take a picture, she made people laugh by puffing away on a cigarette, her favourite past time. She always begs for K1 only.

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Took this picture of children in Milange, Mozambique admiring visiting Malawian children

Tracing footsteps to lead me home

Greetings from the Warm Heart Africa, Malawi.

I'm a Malawian journalist who grew up in many countries including South Africa, Belgium, then West Germany, UK, Washington DC and New York in the US and I love New York.

Trying to come up with the production of my life and by compiling some of my 1000 poems into a book called ‘Tracing Footsteps’ to lead me Home with excellent photography.

I also plan to film award winning documentaries based on the history of this ancient land called Malawi and the mysteries of the Sirius star. this space.