Wednesday, September 7, 2011

'New cabinet in Malawi'

A new unconfirmed cabinet has been announced since President Bingu wa Mutharika dissolved about two weeks ago. After reading several posts on Facebook and Twitter, these are the names of new ministers and deputies I have seen people posting and are effective September 6, 2011:

The State President:
His Excellency Ngwazi Professor Bingu wa Mutharika
-Commander in Chief: Malawi Defense Force: Malawi Police Service
-Statutory Corporation Policy Direction
-The Civil Service

The First Lady: Her Excellency Madam Callista Mutharika
-Maternal, Infant and Child Health; Safe Motherhood and Malaria.

Deputy Minister in the Office of the President and Cabinet - Hon Nicholas Dausi

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Hon. Prof. Peter Arthur Mutharika
Deputy - Hon Kondwani Nakhumwa

Minister of Finance - Hon. Ken Lipenga
Deputy - Hon. Cornelius Mwalwanda

Minister of Agriculture and Food Security - Hon. Prof. Peter Mwanza
Deputy - Hon. Magret Loka Mauwa
Hon. Kingsley Namakhwa

Minister of Health - Hon. Dr. Jean Kalirani
Deputy - Hon. Ralph Jooma

Minister of Education - Hon. Dr. George Chaponda
Deputy; Higher Education - Hon. Oteria Moyo Jere, MP

Deputy; Primary and Secondary Education Hon. Victor Sajeni

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs - Hon. Ephraim Chiume

Minister of Youth and Welfare Development - Hon. Symon Vuwa Kaunda

Minister of Information - Hon. Patricia Kaliati -

Minister of Natural Resources - Hon. Dr. Goodall Gondwe
Deputy -Hon. Vera Chelewani

Minister of Transport and Public Infrastructure - Hon Sidik Mia
Deputy - Hon. Catherine Gotani Hara

Minister of Industry and Trade - Hon. John Bande

Minister Lands, Housing and Urban Development - Hon. Yunus Mussa
Deputy - Hon. Rev. Chifundo Ngwira

Minister of Gender, Child and Community Development - Hon. Reen Kachere
Deputy - Hon. Nazreen Pillane

Minister of Labour - Hon. Lucius Kanyumba

Minster of Tourism, Wildlife and Culture - Hon Daniel Liwimbi

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development - Hon Henry Mussa
Deputy - Hon. Chimango Chipimpha Mughogho

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