Thursday, November 14, 2013

Symbol of Sirius or two triangle star?

Hands drawn to the chest to symbolize two triangles and fire
According to some Sapitwa healers who trek to Mulanje mountain in Malawi for herbs, holding their hands to the chest is a sign to remind them of three spiritual beings they treasure and hold dear in their heart.

It is a secret story of ancient kingdoms memorized for centuries and passed down they claim including the names of their ancient kings and queens and captured mostly in oral stories and drawings we will for now call the "Sapitwa Book of the Dead."

The hands imitate taking fire from the three stone/rock open fire traditional cooking place to support a pot (mafuwa) to draw the 2 triangles that make a bright star on one's chest.

One would be an upright triangle to symbolize the highest peak of Mulanje Mountain, Sapitwa and the other would be an upside side triangle, the opposite. 

These healers believe in a Creator of this Universe they call Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe etc and they also claim there are 4 male spiritual beings with a positive charge and 3 female spiritual beings with a negative charge to make a total of 7 pulling each other to create light including lightning. 

Picture of Triangle taken from the Internet

The below picture is not the actual fire but similar to the way a traditional cooking place is set up in the villages of Malawi.

Now for the healers, the fire symbolizes the brightest star in the universe which for now we will assume is Sirius. 

This symbol said to be of ancient kings also symbolized the foundation of their kingdom to ensure order in their villages with people living in harmony and peace. The star symbolized by fire was held closely to the chest.  

Internet photo taken from blog

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