Friday, December 27, 2013

Myths & Tales: Bringing hatred/divisions..."Vundulamadzi" bird?

In the 1981 Unlendo Series Mtunda 3 Chichewa for Standard 3 above there is a tale about a bird called Vundulamadzi which caused friction between two villages by dirtying the water which women were drawing from a chitsime (well).
This caused divisions in two villages who were sharing the well as women from each side thought the other deliberately made the water dirty or something like that. Well the tale talks about the bird being happy when it sees hatred, death and fights.
I’m curious to know from the learned and translators if such a bird exists and if it does, is this the  mythical stories of the cormorant? A Facebook friend posted that:
“I don’t like both the Reed Cormorant and African Darter because they prey on the fish in my dam. They visit my dam on a daily basis for fish and it is part of our routine to be on the lookout for them and chase them away.”
Those many fellow Malawians familiar with these tales and birds of Malawi please share as I never learned these things in school abroad so I need to know the correct translations of birds and mythical things in English.

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