Tuesday, January 14, 2014

'Ancient Malawi nsembe (offering) hand symbols'

Suspected ancient Malawi priests and priestesses with some descendants who are today grouped together with asing'anga (traditional healers) had rituals and hand symbols they used at Sapitwa which centuries ago was reportedly the name for the whole Mulanje Mountain, a female Sapitwa healer claims.
These healers are known as ansembe (those who make offerings). Their symbols were usually made before they gave offerings (kuthira nsembe) to their God or gods as in spirits which today includes mapira (sorghum), ndalama (money) and mpunga (rice).
In ancient times they would offer nyama (meat) from animals including cows but today they say it's mainly sorghum, money and things like rice.

Although the few remaining still offer such sacrifices they call nsembe, more research is needed to find out the many other meanings of hand signs and ancient symbols they used.  So far the ones of Sapitwa are female and the suspected ones of "Kuba" are male.

This blog is still investigating this rich history that has never ever been documented and more information will be made available once it's known.  This is amateur unfunded research to inspire experts and the learned to document their ancient African history by going to the people.


Starting to join the hands

Fellow Malawians assist this blog if some Chichewa words are spelled incorrectly or if the translations are off as the female healer speaks Chinyanja with a deep accent.

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