Monday, January 27, 2014

Gossiping accusing fingers, a reflection of one-self?

A beautiful well-groomed and quite decent woman and dressed to kill walks down the crowded street in her neighbourhood minding her own business and determined to reach home and relax after a long day of hard work.
When you point at others, three fingers point back at you

As she walks past a group of idle young women, one of them starts whispering and accusing the innocent girl of being a “hooker” and immoral.  The young woman her eyes now sticking out like a cobra, and her tongue wagging continues to pour insults on the work of art before their eyes.
Immediately the women laugh out loudly “uluuuuuuuuuu hede” as they clap their hands in unison, their bodies now trembling with hatred in a celebration snake dance.
Without shame they spit venom, with stinging words which the now suspicious woman walking by can hear but she decides to ignore them and continue strutting her way home.
Mozambique Spitting Cobra not the one in the tale  from
She recognizes two of the women in the group as suspected veteran husband snatchers but not much to show for their “work”.  Neither of them has children and spend their days gossiping about various people  they envy.
Such scenarios are common in various places and not necessarily women only.  Some men have also been known to wag their lying tongues and spitting venom of hate against those they envy or those who have better jobs or have more things than them among other things.
Its such things that make some women of Sapitwa say that usually those who like pointing fingers at others are instead reflecting who they really are.
One Sapitwa healer says if a person is always pointing at others and judging them unfairly, three of that person’s fingers point back at them meaning they’re worse than those they accuse of doing various bad things.
This is why one of their own Mbona version teachings groups people who like lying, gossiping or talking ill of others in the same category as “afiti” (witches) who according to them point fingers at others to bewitch those they envy or hate so go the tales.
But in their teachings, if such a person meets a person with a good spirit that energy bounces back like a reflective mirror and hits them three times which could be an African version of karma?
Such kind of people are also believed to be possessed by evil spirits and not living a happy life since their mission on earth is to destroy and keep slithering and spitting venomous words like one specific cobra spirit they are believed to belong to says one  Sapitwa healer.
This teaching and tale was told in Chichewa but the gist of it all is for people to love one another and not destroy innocent people because of envy or jealousy which according to the healers is the major mission of forces of darkness so go one of their oracle tales.
This blog will continue compiling these teachings as one amateur way of attempting to document some of the female Sapitwa healers of this land whose history has never been documented before.

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