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Is Mwala wa Mthunzi similar to ancient “Hobbits” or not?

Malawi's Mwala wa Mthunzi (Rock of the Shade or Shadow?)
Malawian scientists, archeologists or those in the know the shape of Mwala wa Mthunzi (Rock of Shade or Shadow?) in Thyolo like a rock statue?  Does such a thing exist or is it natural, maybe from a volcano?

This blog is also interested in knowing the name of the ancient chief of that area where the rock is.

Certain rituals were performed before passing it in ancient times so go the tales and it is rumoured to have produced smoke.  Could it have been like an African Sphinx? 

Although this blog has been attacked by a few people, it should be made clear this is an amateur research to attempt to document some oral stories, myths and tales and not to offend or attack anyone. 

Nothing posted here is official so it's up to the experts and those with funding to take it up and verify.

It's also an attempt to try and verify what some female Sapitwa healers say in riddles and to attempt to give them a small voice through this blog as Myths and Tales as a hobby.

Middle Stone Age blade on the path to Dziwe la Nkhalamba - Photo by Menno Welling some years ago
Secondly, if it’s a rock statute, could it be the Abathwa [those short people/dwarfs] also known as the Amwandionerapati or Akafula of ancient Malawi and other parts of Africa?

The Abathwa [those short people/dwarfs] also known as the Mwandionera pati or Akafula settled by Lake Malawi according to information in the book "The ‘Malawi Lake of Stars’ by Michael Mutisunge Phoya and with photography by Frank Johnston.

The Akafula are described as living "amicably with their Bantu ancestors before demand for land led their larger neighbours to displace them. Migrating southwards, they chanced upon the water of Nyasa and maybe Shire too if what a female Sapitwa healer says is anything to go by.

These short people of ancient Malawi who have a secretive symbol were believed to be strong fighters also found on Mulanje mountain claims the Sapitwa healer.

There is also a Sapitwa rock that looks like a statue, well is it a face with that protruding forehead?
Sapitwa rock glowing in the dark with a flash
When one met them they would be asked from how far they had seen them and if they gave the wrong answer and said nearby they would be slapped really hard and seriously injured or worse so go the tales but if they answered correctly which was saying they saw them from very far away, the Amwandionerapati were said to grow "tall" with pride and let the person pass by.

According to Myths and Tales, the mythical ones guard the mythical part of Mulanje Mountain in legend stories of oral history.

Now scientifically, there is the "Homo heidelbergensis reconstruction"  and Mwala wa Mthunzi. Any resemblance?
"Homo heidelbergensis reconstruction"

"Homo heidelbergensis lived around 600,000 to 250,000 years ago. They were distinctly human in physique and behaviour and evid
ence suggests these ancient people were accomplished tool makers and could skillfully butcher large animals."

Read more at:

And what about this one:

"Homo floresiensis ("Flores Man", nicknamed "hobbit") is a possible species, now extinct, in the genus Homo. The remains were discovered in 2004 on the island of Flores in Indonesia. Partial skeletons of nine individuals have been recovered, including one complete cranium (skull). 

These remains have been the subject of intense research to determine whether they represent a species distinct from modern humans, and the progress of this scientific controversy has been closely followed by the news media at large,"
 according to

("Flores Man", nicknamed "hobbit") 
Apologies if those two websites and their photos have copyright issues, the information is only being used temporarily as part of amateur research using this amateur blog as a hobby to seek some answers.
Mwala wa Mthunzi (Rock of Shade or Shadow?) in Thyolo

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