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Names of some ancient Malawi chiefs revealed

A view of Mulanje mountain I took while travelling in a minibus

Names of some ancient Malawi chiefs according to Sapitwa healers:








Mwala wa Nkhalamba 


Sapitwa which in the vernacular means Don’t go there! or where no man goes is the highest peak of Mulanje Mountain some 100 kilometres south-east of Blantyre.
Mulanje Massif is said to measure approximately 22×26 kilometres with a maximum elevation of 3,002 m at its highest point, Sapitwa Peak.
Sapitwa which basically means “don’t go there” in the vernacular and also known as the mountain where “no man goes” is a place which myths claim is home to spirits.
Sapitwa is the original name of the whole Mulanje Mountain says a female Sapitwa healer when asked the name the ancestors of the land gave the mountain.
She says with time and many centuries later this has changed and the only place for the “where no man goes” legend is the Peak.
Malawi is indeed the Warm heart of Africa and within in it so many oral traditions, tales and myths waiting to be written about or documented.
There is also need for experts to document the names of all ancient chiefs since this land existed and write books about them.
Of these is Sapitwa a chief also referred to as Napolo whom healers describe as the ancient owner of the mountain.

Another one is Kuponda whom myths connect to this M’manga Mudzi (build the village) anthill tree in Mulanje whose English name remains unknown.
M’manga Mudzi tree growing out of an anthill

Other ancient chiefs Sapitwa healers have revealed include Kasipe, Namakuno, Usiyeapite, Kalinje, Kalinde, Chambe and Mwala wa Nkhalamba.

Another chief is Gumulanje whose name ironically sounds like Mulanje but this blog hopes some experts can confirm because so far there is no information online about the names of chiefs who existed on this land centuries ago.

This blog will list other names of ancient chiefs once they are known to give experts to investigate and confirm and to create an opportunity to research and write books about them.

The blog would also appreciate if readers in the know how list the many ancient chiefs of this land from many centuries ago. If some names are wrongly spelled, this blog appreciates corrections.

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