Saturday, January 11, 2014

Please what is the M'manga Mudzi tree in English?

Please those in the know how, translate "M'manga Mudzi" tree into English for me.  
It means to build a village or foundation but I need the scientific name.  
I'm interested in knowing the names of all trees created by Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe 
(God) to better write my research of Sapitwa.

Experts if I'm spelling the Chichewa name incorrectly please correct as I need to 
verify translations since the low-profile female Sapitwa healer speaks Chichewa and 
claims to follow some small teachings of Mbona in relation to herbs. 

If those outside Malawi know this tree please let me know it's scientific name, it's a tree 
that grows out of anthills and interested to know in which other countries it is found, thanks.

A female Sapitwa healer told me this tree is M'manga Mudzi (chulu/chizombwe?  What is it's English name please?
This tree is coming out of an ant-hill 
This tree stands out of an ant-hill so please those who grew up in villages, what is it's English name? 

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