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Malawians involved in kukhwima incest rituals are Satanic

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When a 37 year-old man was picked up by Chileka police for allegedly having sex with his 17 year-old daughter (a quick get rich witch-doctor’s formula) many expressed shock at what they thought was a new evil.
The so-called magical kukhwima rituals which involve incest like a chicken online are also defined as causing so-called misala (madness) when instructions are not followed.  

Such satanic Malawians for centuries have ill-treated mentally challenged people because of these oracles told to them by the magical goat-horn maula and not the guidance of traditional healers dealing with spiritual and mental issues.  The below link explains the bizarre myths.

Some think it’s a long gone myth. But this is not quite so, incest a crime has been taking place behind the scenes for centuries only that people were not that open and probably too shy or scared to talk about it.
A woman who had sex with her father when she was 13 told her story in 2007 and preferred to remain anonymous after the trauma she went through.
Lazy people these days seem to stop at nothing in their so-called quest to get worldly ‘riches’ not by sweating for it and working hard but through so-called magical means if what an incest victim reveals is anything to go by.
*Chikondi  grew up in a certain Malawi district in a desperate but close-knit family with nine children.  Her days were routine; completing household chores, tending the maize field and caring for her younger siblings.
She’s illiterate.  As superstition and zamatsenga (magic) stories sometimes rule in remote villages, her family wasn’t  spared and was always at the centre of gossip with strong accusations that the father was behind supernatural occurrences.
He was known to be magically strong (kukhwima) and though he appeared to be a hardworking farmer, villagers insisted his bumper harvest were a result of magical means using animals (kukawa).
He was a simple scruffy man who despite his so-called ‘riches’ hardly bathed, wore torn clothes (patches barely covering his buttocks), and would sometimes herd his cattle.
Her mother was a little bit tidier and kept a low-profile.  Life although not comfortable was quite rosy for *Chikondi until the day she had her first period at the tender age of 13.
To her horror, she says the unthinkable and unimaginable happened when her biological father defiled her.
“He came into my room, stripped naked and had sex with me with my mother’s full consent.  He put a small cloth underneath,” she recalls bitterly, the father who broke her virginity in exchange for so-called ‘wealth’.
After several encounters, *Chikondi started refusing and was kicked out of the house.  She fled and has not spoken to her father since.  Rumours suggested he ‘married’ another daughter.
She then drops a hard to prove bombshell saying her father owns a ‘magical’ snake which ‘vomits’ money after performing cunnilingus on the mother.
With big wide eyes she insists this is true even though stories of talking snakes, flying witches, magic sticks (namulondola), spells and curses are common in most African beliefs while fairy-tales and fiction novels like JK Rowling’s best-selling children’s book ‘The Hobbits, ‘the Lord of the Rings’, ‘the Goblet of Fire’ and witchcraft books like ‘Harry Porter’ are supposedly the work of the imagination.
She then sends shivers down people’s spines when she explains that not everyone can see the six metres long nsato (python) slithering along as it’s the work of magical powers.
Body fluids mixed with charms are part of the alleged recipe hence the need for the father to criminally sleep with his daughter (chizimba). The horror story began when the father visited a sing’anga(witch-doctor) many years ago in search of charms to help him get ‘rich.’
He was allegedly told to have sex with his eldest daughter once she started her period, give his money to the witch-doctor, dress in tatters and not eat meat from his cattle.
*Chikondi now happily married and a Christian does not miss her parents whom she describes as afiti (witches).  However, she prefers to protect their identities, maybe because of fear and prays that one day they’ll see the light and change their wicked ways.
Not only is her father under the microscope.  Incestuous fathers and other perverts have been brought to book.  A Mwanza couple was in trouble with the law for allegedly using their daughter as a sex-slave to somehow enrich their pathetic business.
In 2007, the media reported Hanjipe Hositeni, a practicing witch-doctor as being arrested in Blantyre for allegedly defiling his nine year-old granddaughter and 60 year-old Cranwell Nyondo was imprisoned for allegedly defiling his 8 year-old niece.
In yet another case in the same year, a 51 year-old Mzimba man who allegedly impregnated his mother-in-law was taken into police custody on allegations that he used “witchcraft to kill her brother” and a young man was arrested for defiling a six week-old baby in the forest.
What is sad is that six years later there are still not many vocal voices against incest, defilement and rape as there are against homosexuality cases involving consenting adults.
Bizarre cases involving witchcraft and the occult seem to be on the increase in the region with many Malawians scratching their heads and wondering what’s going on.
Fear seems to have become the order of the day and Satanism the talk of town.  A disturbing number of people act like animals and chickens by indiscriminately having sex with their children, parents and close relations which is criminal and incest.
Juvenile courts have also been full of disturbing stories of innocent children being allegedly taught witchcraft’ and not too long ago there were stories of blood-hunters and vampires somehow drinking blood despite Malawi being a country hard-hit with HIV and Aids back then.
However a cross-section of the clergy has not been pessimistic and prescribed prayers, faith and repentance to ensure a life free of demonic activity.
Other’s have argued that evil cannot enter homes guarded by angels hence the need to repel forces of darkness by following Godly ways.  It becomes tough and psychologically challenging when the evil force, an incestuous father is already in the home.
Internationally paedophile syndicates have created many headaches as the long arm of the law tries to catch up with sick perverts who sexually desire children, both innocent boys and girls.
It’s sickening to hear stories of adults defiling babies.  Though many claims of satanic child-molesting or murder rings have been proven to be unsubstantiated as there was little evidence to support the allegations, one thing is guaranteed.
Any person who causes bodily harm against another will be charged with a crime once caught.
The Laws of Malawi are said not to recognize witchcraft as it’s an offence to pronounce someone a witch, but defilement  and incest are crimes as reportedly states in Section 157 of the Penal Code.  Society needs to expose incestuous relationships and bring all culprits to book.
All Malawians involved in incest rituals or defiling children should be given “scaring” sentences to prevent others from being involved in such filth and evil behaviour.
*This article was first published in Fairlane magazine in 2007

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