Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Myths & Tales: Soon unveiling ancient Nyangu of Malawi’s secrets

Donkey tail before it’s made into a fly-whisk
She stands there in a distance, somewhere in the astral realm of the mythical Sapitwa all dressed in blue her veil covering her face with a turban like white cloth smartly wrapped inside and covering her hair.

A beauty spot on her left smooth cheek stands out and compliments her mysterious brown eyes with long eyelashes.

Some donate money to her at the cave like stone from which she twirls out to the top while others who attempt to steal from her are said to vanish into thin air and only to be found in a nearby water body so go some tales about the mythical Nyangu of Sapitwa, the highest peak of Mulanje Mountain but not the one seen by man.

This female spirit is believed to always keep her hair covered and her face hidden as if wearing a mysterious mask.  When this spirit opens her veil, healers say it means that a door to the spiritual realm has been opened and all its secrets.

This blog will soon start revealing the ancient secrets and myths of this mysterious spirit some healers like talking about.

They claim once a healer sees her face they can see those in the spiritual realm and communicate with them and vice versa. Healers are also preparing and grooming the new Nyangu this blog has established.

To be continued ……

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