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Of Ancient Malawi’s Black Holes, Spirals and Gravity pulls?

Spiral Sea snails from
A mysterious but strong force in the middle of a spiral black hole pulls a young female Malawian healer down into unknown depths of the earth faster than time and before she realizes it she spins to the bottom of a dark black pit with two ways to unknown worlds and kingdoms.
Turning to her right and looking up the black tunnel, she can’t help but seem to see a faint but fuzzy bright light far ahead in the distance while at the left all she can see is red and fire.
In front of her she sees a spiral like figure resembling a coiled snake as if the symbol of healing.
But before she can make sense of all that she’s seeing, another mysterious force pushes her back up through the dark and spiral black tunnel where all she can do is keep her eyes focused on the distant bright light as a ringing sound hits her ears.
The dark tunnel and the so-called underworld of Sapitwa is an ancient Africa concept that might be a version of what some scientists today call the black hole?
Black spiral tunnel sample borrowed from the Internet
If so could there be one somewhere on Mulanje Mountain or waterfalls or nearby oceans in the area where things are said to disappear and don’t appear to hit the ground with a thud or any other sound?
For now let’s rewind the clock. Before humans existed, before Earth formed, before the sun ignited, before galaxies arose, before light could even shine, some scientists say there was the Big Bang some 13.8 billion years ago.
But what about before that asks an article titled ‘Are We Living in a Black Hole?’ posted on the National Geographic website on
“Many  physicists say there is no before that.  Time began ticking, they insist, at the instant of the Big Bang, and pondering anything earlier isn’t in the realm of science.
But a few unconventional scientists disagree. These physicists theorize that, a moment before the Big Bang, all the mass and energy of the nascent universe was compacted into an incredibly dense—yet finite—speck. Let’s call it the seed of a new universe.

“This seed is thought to have been almost unimaginably tiny, possibly trillions of times smaller than any particle humans have been able to observe. And yet it’s a particle that can spark the production of every other particle, not to mention every galaxy, solar system, planet, and person. If you really want to call something the God particle, this seed seems an ideal fit,” further reads the website.
Black holes are regions of space so dense that nothing, not even light, can escape from them. Most are thought to form at the end of a big star’s life, when its internal pressure is insufficient to resist its own gravity and the star collapses under its own weight.
Since the laws of physics no longer apply in a region of infinite density, no one knows what could possibly happen inside a black hole.
Nasa photo taken from
“Stephen Hawking suggested in the early 1970s that black holes can slowly evaporate and disappear. But in this case, what happens to the information that describes an object that falls into a black hole?
“According to general relativity, information cannot simply disappear; inside a black hole, however, information apparently does. This “information paradox” has puzzled researchers for decades.
And it’s not only researchers puzzled with the wonders of the universe.  Trainee female Sapitwa healers also have to go through many trials and struggles to make sense of their Malawian version of black holes and never-ending spiral dark pits which they claim takes them to another universe.
They claim the whole Mulanje Mountain was known as Sapitwa thousands of years ago and belonged to Napolo among other ancient kings. 
Took this photo while driving past Mulanje Mountain in a minibus

“Ukapilira uona maso ankhono” is another phrase some female Sapitwa healers like using to mean if one is patient they’ll see the eyes of a snail which in turn means that if one is patient they will see the sacred eye in the storm like a whirlwind, cyclone or other winds which they attribute to Napolo of ancient Malawi.
Napolo is a mythical upright serpent spirit that moves with heavy winds, landslides and earthquakes in a straight path so in ancient times priests and priestesses would forewarn kingdoms when it was about to erupt so go some of the oral stories.
Such healers claim that snails (nkhono) are secretive and hide their shells (nkungwa) and the only way one can see it is by smashing or removing the shell in the same way when the Napolo winds controlled by secretive mizimu (spirits) pass by they are unseen unless one is patient and removes the veil to see the hidden face.
These healers live in the village in Mulanje and cannot read and write but talk of different types of birds, animals trees, stars, asteroids, eyes in storms and black holes in the Indian ocean among many other things.
In their words, the places have a black tunnel and at the end is a bright light which they claim one must follow to somehow reach another world.
These women of Sapitwa also believe that Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe (God) began creation from water because in their views a “water kingdom” of spirits existed trillions of years before.
It’s on this point where science and ancient African beliefs and the learned and educated differ bitterly.
Scientists and many atheists estimate the creation of the universe from the Big Bang Theory and when human beings and their world came into being while the uneducated healers estimate the creation of universes from when spirits and winged spirits began to exist.
Ancient Africa believed in spirits and that a human body was like a temporary vehicle for the spirit unlike today when many mostly believe in the body and talk of creation from the time mankind was created.
Sapitwa healers claim that as the spirits moved in water Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe (God) brought light and then the process of making other things including mankind continued.
They define the movement in the water as that of a spiral with its gravity pull in the centre.
Sapitwa healers of Malawi hold the Indian Ocean close to their hearts and their symbol is the spiral sea snail shell (nkungwa) because they believe it resembles the Napolo winds and the creation of the universe from the sea where they claim spirits “lived” and are still found besides the mountain.
Napolo winds can be as powerful as a cyclone in this Internet photo
They also claim that Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe has 7 spirits of which 4 are males of positive charges and 3 female of negative charges and other winged spirits that have never been human but lived in a water kingdom before.
In an article titled “Discovering the Power of Sacred Spirals” the spiral is described as one of the building blocks of creation. The universe and bodies are filled with spirals.
“Spirals exist in the form of galaxies; our own galaxy is, in fact, a spiral. Sea animals and land snails are protected by spiral shells. Some animals grow spiral horns and spiral-shaped tails. The plant world is ripe with spirals. 
Flower petals and leaves are distributed in spiral patterns. And in the very nucleus of our cells, we find DNA that occurs in spiraling helixes,” partly reads an All can Heal PDF posted online.
For tens of thousands of years, spirals have also been used in conjunction with healing. Spirals have been found in the form of pictographs or petroglyphs in most countries and cultures throughout the world. It is believed that these cave paintings and drawings were created by shamans.
“They used the spirals for journeying, entering the spirit world through a tunnel or spiral vortex portal, using the stone surface at rock art sites as a point of entry to other realms”.
Besides the common sea snail shells and mathematics there is also the Sacred Geometry of the Nautilus Shell.  The Chambered Nautilus is a living fossil that has survived in earth’s oceans for the last 500 million years.
Nautilus hemishell from
The spiral is a common element of Sacred Geometry as well as to all natural development. Spirals in nature tend to follow the Golden Ratio (Phi) or Fibonacci Sequence in their rates of expansion. The key to Sacred Geometry is the relationship between the progression of growth and proportion.
Scientists a few years back found ‘black holes’ at sea.  Though scientists do not talk of spirits, they described the ocean whirlpools as those from “which nothing can ever escape – not even water” since “eddies are so tightly surrounded by water paths that nothing can escape”.
The scientists also found they are mathematically equivalent to black holes and believe they have found features of these black holes here on Earth, in the southern Atlantic Ocean.  A Daily Mail article online also explains how these huge ocean whirlpools are so tightly surrounded by circular water paths that nothing caught up in them escapes.
Their numbers are reportedly on the rise in the Southern Ocean, increasing the northward transport of warm and salty water. The researchers also identified seven Agulhas Rings of the black-hole type, which transported the same body of water without leaking for almost a year.
Whirlpool photo from the Internet
A black hole is a tear in the fabric of space-time that pulls in everything that comes too close to it. Nothing that gets sucked in can escape, not even light. A giant whirlpool was also reported in 2012 as churning up the ocean south of Africa.

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