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‘Married Jezebel spirit spreads demons through sex’ - Sapitwa

Red demon cat eyes photo from the Internet

A professional ‘God-fearing’ Malawian woman happily married to the man of her dreams has one dark secret which she cleverly keeps hidden from prying eyes.
She’s taken many young men to bed and openly committed adultery whenever her faithful husband treks out of town because the lust within her is unbearable and enough to betray the love she has for the husband she married in church.
This scenario is different from abused wives neglected by husbands who seek comfort and love elsewhere because of empty and loveless marriages.
Now the jealous woman who deliberately cheats on a loving husband is also a known liar and gossiper who sleeps her way around and destroys innocent people whom she envies because they’re either better than her in some skills or prettier.
She also uses magic charms like kwakwananda [monitor lizard] love charms to keep her husband and to attract many other men she constantly strips naked for even on her marriage bed.
Young men are usually encouraged to run away so fast from such women as they are believed to be possessed by the Dziwe Ntambamwana red female demon which will eventually destroy them and the women involved by taking them down the destructive path of Satan.
Red eyes like the colour of delicious red wine
Men who cheat and openly commit adultery and make their wives suffer are also believed to be possessed by the same female demon and viewed as un-masculine because in ancient times “real men” took care of their extended families even when several wives were involved.
It’s not unusual to hear the term “sugar mummies” these days on top of “sugar daddies” who are usually married people who have sexual relations with younger people outside their marriages in exchange for money and a “comfortable life”.
However those who usually come under attack are single people or sex-workers who never took vows but stand accused of fornication among many things unlike some who hide behind marriage vows taken before God who remains Almighty.
For the older people who cheat sexual satisfaction and adventure is said to be the main culprit.  However many traditional healers attribute such lust and negative behavior to Satan or what those who read the Bible claim is a “Jezebel like spirit”.
In ancient Malawi polygamy and not adultery was openly practiced in which wives and families knew each other and not the modern day scenario were secret lovers are hidden and not known say Sapitwa healers.
They also reveal how many healers who use nyanga (horn) rituals in so-called get rich business schemes prescribe criminal incest and sexual intercourse as part of their evil recipe to get the demons into the person requesting.
That is why shocking and criminal things like telling a person to sleep with one’s parent or child like an animal have been happening quietly for many years.
Such nyanga healers don’t hide that they source their powers from Satan.  It’s not the purpose of this blog to dig and research the dark secrets of Satan but just to only repeat a little part of oral stories that sexual intercourse with many partners is the ancient Malawi definition of Satanism because it also spiritually involves blood.
Elsewhere in the world and in some Christian beliefs demonic transference of spirits via sex are also seen as the “transference of evil or unholy spirits via sexual intercourse activities.”
“There is a very powerful transference of spirits via sex and it is the easiest ways through which evil spirits are transferred easily from one person to another.
“In every 100 percent of negative or unholy transference of spirits; over 85 percent are traceable from or to someone past very rough sexual activities.
“The Holy Bible tells us in (1Cor.6:16) that if you are jointed sexually with a harlot ; you both become one, so, if you have sexual relationship with a highly demonized persons or occultist agents or witchcraft agents this would easily bring unholy transference of spirits from such a person to anyone involved,” partly reads one internet source.

Infidelity or the Immoral act by either on the side of a man or woman within any instituted marriage life can easily open door for demons transferring or invading the party involved.
Though rarely quoted in Malawi unlike those usually quoted against homosexuality which cannot happen in secular states like Malawi, Deuteronomy 22:22 reads:
“If a man is caught having intercourse with another man’s wife, both of them are to put to death.  In this way you will get rid of this evil.”
Leviticus 20:10 also reads “If a man commits adultery with the wife of a fellow-Israelite, both he and the woman shall be put to death” and in Matthew 5:27-28 which some connect to pornography reads:
“You have heard that it was said Do not commit adultery. But now I tell you; anyone who looks at a woman and wants to possess her is guilty of committing adultery with her in his heart.”
If a person has sex with an occultist or nyanga healer they are also believed to get demons or the person removing spiritual power from them to empower themselves and so on.
When asked what is the way forward, healers agreed with religious figures that it is best and safer for one to be faithful in a marriage and not have sex outside marriage to avoid the risk of attracting demons.
Healers also commend sex-workers for being open and not hypocritical by openly stating they make money from sex as a job and try to protect themselves and clients during the act unlike some married couples who secretly behave like sex-workers in hidden dark corners but pretend to be holy and pure in public.
It’s safer not to commit adultery and be faithful to one’s partner both sides of spiritual views seem to agree upon and advice counselling for couples who neglect their spouses.

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