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Of Ancient Malawi Mbona secrets…marriage and the bright Sirius star

How can a large woman fit through this small hole? Internet photo not related to this story.
A young woman has a dream where she sees a mansion behind a wired fence and a man in a white robe ushering her to go through the small holes.  But alas, her huge body keeps pouncing back because she is too big to go through the small hole.
The bright man not giving up again tells her “come” and ushers with his hand for her to pass through the fence which starts from the ground and seems to reach up to the sky.
Confused, the young woman again tries and this time bounces back so hard she falls down backwards.
She then hears the man tell her not to think about the holes of the fence being small but to just imagine herself going through.
Unknown to the woman this is a sign that she’s of the spiritual realms where those born of the mountain known as mizimu (spirits) can do things that ordinary people cannot do and will never do according to some ancient Malawi oral stories.
White in ancient Malawi was also the colour of the dead….meaning mizimu (spirits) whom the ancestors believed appeared in that colour.
Some Sapitwa healers claim another Mbona story….he will marry the first Nyangu renewed
When the woman awakes, she is confused with this dream until some three months later when she sees the house of her dreams and the fence in front.
But in the real world, the fence has a gate which she opens to enter the premises and visit some humble people who live in the huge house.
But before she can get there, she finds herself face to face with a dark-skinned and smooth face bearded man wearing a brown fedora.

His almond shaped brown eyes stand out as he tends to her. After getting the information she needs, the woman can’t help but look back to see the man now squatting sideways near a rock and his arms clutching his chest as if he’s holding a new-born baby he wants to protect.

The above is an oral story told to the author of this blog about some symbols and signs of Malawi’s ancient Mbona who was one of the 7 ancient Malawi spirits in the beginning said to have been born again of a virgin mother, Nyangu.
The ancestors of this land believed that Mbona and Nyangu were the only winged spirits from the beginning of time to be born of human beings at some period although they were seen as immortal.
Internet photo of how to hold a newborn baby not connected to this article
The beliefs are a little bit similar to the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt whom online sources do not define as mortal beings. These include Osiris (Ausar), Isis (Aset) and Horus (Heru).
Now such mizimu (spirits) whom where known as gods and goddesses in ancient Egypt are said to somehow implant themselves in a chosen woman and be born after 8 months by disappearing so go some oral tales.

A small mention is made of of Mbona’s “virgin mother” in the book The River of Blood: The Genesis of a Martyr Cult in Southern Malawi by Father J. Matthew Schoffeleers.
It’s posted in the link:
Now the 4 winds of Sapitwa (mphepo zinayi) cross is also drawn with 4 hidden right triangles to represent the four mythical winged spirits out of 7 spirits with the 3 forming a triangle within  it and an upright serpent spirit in the middle to represent royalty just like in other beliefs on the continent.

Some Malawi healers who practice the ancient teachings of Mbona and sell his herbs, believe in a Creator of this Universe they call Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe.

They also claim 4 male spiritual beings with a positive charge and 3 female spiritual beings with a negative charge to make a total of 7 pull each other to create Light including lightning.
The 4 spirits and their winds are:
Tomasi Bona                  - North   -  the world in the hands/feast
Tagoneka Mbona            – West   – put to sleep Mbona
Chandiona Gonekela       – South – it’s seen me put to sleep
Nthanda mwana wa mwezi [Nandi]   - East - Sirius star like in Nthanda yaku m’mawa African cross and child of the moon

And the three negative female charges are named Dziwe Ntambamwana (witchcraft pool), Ife Zonse (all of us) andSungamwana (keep the child).

The wandering one is Mbewula and also appears like an elderly man but is not Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe (God).

Now of these Nyangu is a mythical water spirit whose colour is blue and she’s part of a “sacred” three and appears with her breasts showing to symbolize feeding the gods and the nation…making her a nurturer and mother figure.

The first one fell from grace and healers say she has now been born again of a human mother and will once again join the “sacred” three “winged spirits” (mizimu) of ancient Malawi including the hidden one.

The ancestors of this land played on this and the symbolic meanings of fire including it representing the Sirius star on the 3-stone traditional stove and the ‘heat’ of a rooster (tambala) when it warms up a place before mating with a hen among other things.

The first stone in the triangular traditional cooking place of Malawi is called chifuwa which is also the word for the chest and the area is known as mafuwa.
The fire also represents an ancient Malawi mythical bird which is a fire spirit which arises and is reborn anew to live again after being burnt to ashes among other things.
It’s similar to the mythical phoenix and benu of ancient Egypt but it’s said to somehow resemble a bat but this blog is still researching to figure out exactly how it looks.
The fire was symbolic for Nthanda yaku m’mawa which is Sirius in English and when the arms were crossed to hold the 2 triangles, it formed the brightest star in the universe called Sirius and this symbolic fire was held close to the chest in memory of the first Nyangu whose star was Sirius and so forth.
Hence Mbona’s wife is this first Nyangu returning as a better person but not that Mbona will marry his mother…he will marry the first Nyangu reborn and renewed so goes the Sapitwa oracle.
This is also the reason why his symbol has been an upright serpent for some healers and not the caduceus used by some hospitals which clearly shows two snakes mating.
Sirius Internet photo from http://www.space.com/21702-sirius-brightest-star.html
For centuries healers who trek to Sapitwa on Mulanje Mountain have been giving sacrifices of mapira (sorghum) among other things in an unidentified place on the mountain as they waited for that star they call Nthanda yaku m’mawa which is the star from the east although another definition is morning star but theirs is Sirius

Sapitwa healers also claim Sirius locally known as Nthanda mwana wa mwezi (Nandi) of the East has a companion star called Mpanga or Panga.

For the ancient healers of Malawi, this star was the same shape as their “primitive” African cross of the 4 winds of North, South, West and East and they played on this by associating all from the East as being from Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe (God).
Mbona’s Sapitwa herbs are always prepared using fire – Internet photo of 3-stone traditional stoves

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