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Of Ancient Malawi's not revenging but drinking and out

Drinking water in and out photo from the Internet
A middle-aged man throughout his life has faced struggles and obstacles as he tries to make the most of his career and build a strong family with his wife and three children.
He’s not rich and lives in an ordinary Malawi township with his family squeezing into a two-bedroom house. This is despite the fact that the man is very intelligent and shows signs of having a promising career.

The worker they employed from the village does domestic chores while his wife works to bring in a little something to improve their living standards.

But there is one thing that bothers this man….he’s not happy because he has so many enemies including some who feed his beloved wife with lies.

Fed up the usually patient man decides to call a spade a spade and teach his enemies a lesson. Visiting his grandmother one weekend he narrates his plight but is surprised with her answer.

The elderly woman tells him not to revenge but to forgive all those who wrong him by doing a strange thing.

She tells him not to be angry and genuinely forgive all his enemies then drink a lot of cold water so that he can urinate. Shocked the man looks at his granny and nodding her head she says that is a way of cleansing his system of all negativity and leaving the fate of his enemies with Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe (God).

According to the old lady when one argues or fights with their enemies they only attract more of their evil energies to themselves and that is destructive. She says the best thing is to chase the evil spirits by ignoring them and having a pure heart and cleansing oneself.

Touched after listening to his grandmother, the man then takes a deep breath and forgives all those who have wronged him before drinking a lot of water and symbolically removing all the anger and their energy into the toilet.
This oral story was told in Chichewa and has been translated into English to share with the world some untold ancient Malawi teachings about human relations.

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