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Of ancient Malawi bathing charms turning skins grey and ashy

Herb magic (matsenga) bath photo taken from
“Ndiye eeish zandivuta. Business yanga kuti iyende ndinapeza madzi amene amasambisira maliro amene ndimayikako mu chakudya kuti tikamaphika kuti ziyende”, posted one unidentified person on a Malawi Facebook page called Malawi Breaking News and Gossip
This post which shocked this blog is loosely translated as:  (I have problems.  My business is successful because I found water which is used to wash corpses which I put in food so that when I cook my business will prosper).
The person who posted that went further claiming that if they stopped sourcing such filthy water their business would collapse and not thrive so they asked for help as a Christian.
This blog did a vox pop and heard other stories on the streets of Malawi of some allegedly bathing in such water while others used herbal charms for success in various fields and relationships while some women used kwakwananda (monitor lizard) love charms to force love out of cold men and magically control them.  
What happens is the alleged people source the charms from witch-doctors who tell them to bath in them but not use soap.
Bathing with soap is hygienic and absorbs stench and removes dirt
Unknown to such users, the charms contain all sorts of things that make them stink like a hyena (fisi) or dirty dog (galu) and they make their skin appear greyish and ashy as if they’re not alive and healthy.
This is why some healers claim they can track down such afiti (witchcraft) when they fail to smell the faeces smell in their makeshift sack 'clinics' scattered throughout town.
The secret is that those without believed witchcraft smell the pit latrine while those with witchcraft don’t notice any scent because that is what their body is composed off say some healers.
For centuries the ancient name behind such evil charms was Mbewula, the wandering spirit (mizimu) whom many healers feared because he was said to be the wizard of all wizards (mfiti of all mfiti) but not like the female ones said to harm innocent people but the one who was an expert in magic (matsenga) used when fighting for causes and for good luck charms for business to progress among other beliefs.
According to a Sapitwa oracle, Mbewula has now started doing good which means all powers sourced in that name have been diluted and no longer work so all users will fall and be exposed and disgraced.
Pits were symbolic in ancient Malawi
but this one is an Internet photo
This mythical spirit is said to have for centuries work closely with mythical dwarf spirits also known as Abathwa who are believed to guard several ancient mountains in Africa.  Some are believed to have one eye and have the strength of a roaring lion they say.
Besides dwarves some healers also talk of spirits (mizimu) which appear as children and represent all that is pure and innocent.
Now in ancient Malawi beliefs, good spirits and the bad ones usually clashed and were also in conflict with each other….but not anymore say some nyanga (horn) and mizimu (spirit) healers who claim both sides of the spirit world, the nyanga spirits and others are now working together to help unite Africa among other things.
Napolo, the mythical serpent spirit of Malawi is said to be busy with the 7 winged spirits of ancient Malawi according to some priestesses.
They say this is because a greyish hand suddenly appeared in the mythical realm of Sapitwa, the highest peak of Mulanje Mountain and suddenly pointed a huge white sword plaited with gold linings to the East and kept it in that direction.
M’manga Mudzi (foundation) anthill tree…underneath is a pit and water say healers
The owner of the hand is a deformed looking man whose head is shaped like a hexagon and practices the ancient teachings of all that is holy and powerful coming from the East where the sun rises and that work of nature is used as a compass for some of the illiterate of Malawi to easily find their way around.
But he’s not Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe (God) but fears and knows that God reigns Almighty forever and ever up in the heavens beyond the sun and all that is known by mortal beings and is good all the time.
The sun which shines brightly in the sky is said to be the shield that protects the entrance to where Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe (God) is, way above in sky….in a place where no man can easily reach or see.
It is in that direction where many ancient priests and priestesses today grouped together as asing’anga amizimu specializing in Sapitwa (traditional healers) send their requests and prayers for the one whose face is Hidden.
They define the spirit of an ancient elderly man with white hair, slanted eyes and wrinkles on the face which resemble some hieroglyphics especially the one for the letter M.
Ancient Rock of Sapitwa
Now this is the ancient spirit they claim heads the 7 winged angels known as Tomasi Mbona of the North (whole world in one’s hands), Tagoneka Mbona of the West (put to sleep Mbona), Chandiona Goneka of the South (it’s seen me put to sleep) and Nthanda mwana wa mwezi (Sirius star, son of the moon), Dziwe Ntambamwana (witchcraft pool), Sungamwana (keep the child) and Ife Zonse (all of us).
Staring into a dilapidated temple like looking building the strange looking man takes out a measuring tape as if trying to figure out some mathematical calculations and shows the woman near him the object of his desire.
He’s been in the water and land under an anthill tree (m’manga mudzi) till he was born again of a woman and able to get out in some oral stories.
The man gives her his golden sword to catch a live fish in shallow water and cut it in half while in a distance there is blue deep water with tables and chairs floating on top to represent a deep pool but she can’t see the fish there.
Lake Malawi Tilapia (chambo) fish species is widely consumed and forms the most important commercial fishery in Lake Malawi.  Other popular fish of Malawi are utaka (Copadichromis azureus), usipa (Engraulicypris sardella) and matemba (Barbus paludinosus).
Oreochromis of the squamipinnis group.
Photo copyright © by M. K. Oliver taken from
Coincidently in ancient Egypt two fish were very powerful symbols with a deep meaning. Both fish were Tilapia and the Nile perch and iniconography, there was often a man spearing both at the same time, in reality it was quite impossible.
“And that’s where it gets interesting. Indeed, if tilapia is a fish living in shallow water, mainly in lakes, river banks or ponds, the lates is living in the waters dark and deep, in the bed of the river. You could not catch them at the same time and therefore the representation of a man catching both at the same time, has a hidden meaning.
Tilapia was associated in many ancient poems with sunrise and the light blue of turquoise and with protection because the female is during danger sheltering her babies in its mouth among other things.
The two fish were also represented following the solar boat since one represented the night and the other the day.
Ankhtifi tomb: catching both fish photo taken from

In the “Book of the Dead” song 14, it is said the deceased when he wants to join the solar bark: “You see a real Tilapia in its turquoise pool…”And” I hold the true tilapia guiding the speed boat on the water…”
And catching at the same time, two so different fish in ancient Egypt iconography is first to be didactic, a good teaching method to remind and warn about the properties of the different fish but it is “mostly a representation for man of his control on the day and on the night: it is to say his mastery on his destiny,” partly reads
However, this blog has not yet investigated how some in the West including Wiccans, Pagans and magicians use such charms although various are documented online including on
There are also strange magical teachings involving Aleister Crowley of the online ‘Lam and Little Grey Man’ stories and he’s sometimes dressed like a nyanga healer which is bizarre.
In one write-up by Daniel V. Boudillion, the men of the west spoke of “grey aliens” who sound similar to the mythical creatures of “Kuba” which is a mountain on earth.
Most of Crowley’s writing sound like a mad man who failed to remove the veil of secrecy surrounding ancient magic and wisdom by ancient nyanga healers of this continent of Africa.
Aleister Crowley in “ceremonial garb”…like a nyanga healer..where is his candle?
Koma abale shaaa

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