Friday, August 15, 2014

Of ancient Malawi Mbona's graphic language and blog standstill

Those interested in ancient Malawi posts on this blog, some elements of ancient rites of passage and ritual were graphic and labelled “rude” today because of the language used and examples. 
For example when ancient Malawi’s Mbona said “amene ali ndi makutu amve” (those who have ears listen) he was not talking about the ears attached to our heads.

In Chichewa or or Chinyanja ear as in khutu or makutu as in ears also means something some women stretch and this blog can’t post the Chichewa word here because it is considered swearing or cursing today.
The Tree Ear mushroom (Auricularia auricula) looks like errrrr…..that part but sorry this blog can’t  post the word either and neither could Mbona say it publicly but disguised. So when one said bowa muntengo that was the ear mushroom and the words “amene ali ndi makutu amve”.
Parts of the “magic” mushroom among others are used in an ancient recipe of ingredients to quickly stretch a certain part of the body. So in ancient Malawi “amene ali ndi makutu amwe” meant “woman listen.”
Mbona liked referring to women as “woman” which in Chichewa is “mkazi" or women (akazi) and in minibuses and on the streets of Malawi that is what most men say when talking about women and not only their wives or women.
His language was normal in ancient times but not today and his teachings, saying songs etc are graphic.
That is the Truth about ancient Malawi Mbona’s language and this blog is trying to analyze the language of other ancient cultures including the Abatwa or Abathwa who once occupied this ancient Malawi land so this blog will appreciate the sharing of information.
So for now this blog is at a standstill until appropriate words and translations are found….peace.

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