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Of ancient Malawi’s nyanga charms being diluted and destroyed...

Dziwe la Nkhalamba
 A hand suddenly appears in the mythical realm of Sapitwa, the highest peak of Mulanje Mountain and suddenly points a huge white sword plaited with gold linings to the East and keeps it in that direction according to an oral myth told to this blog.

The deformed looking man whose head is shaped like a hexagon practices the ancient teachings of all that is holy and powerful coming from the East where the sun rises and that work of nature is used as a compass for some of the illiterate of Malawi to easily find their way around.

The sun which shines brightly in the sky is said to be the shield that protects the entrance to where Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe (God) is, way above in sky….in a place where no mortal man can easily reach or see in oral stories.

It is in that direction where many ancient priests and priestesses today grouped together as asing’anga  (traditional  healers) send their requests and prayers for the one whose face is Hidden.
Ancient African cross to represent the 4 winds
of North, South, West and East

Staring into a dilapidated temple like building the strange looking man takes out a measuring tape as if trying to figure out some mathematical calculations and shows the woman near him the object of his desire.
The man then shows her very shallow water in which there is a silver fish and far in the distance there is a blue pool so deep that nearby tables and chairs float on top of the water.
All of a sudden the deformed man gives the woman his sword and tells her to cut the fish in the swallow water in half but she refuses while screaming that she pities it and can hunt for food because she is not a hunter.
The man then turns to look at her, his eyes piercing and standing out as if staring right through her soul.  His white hair is quite visible and so are his high cheekbones and smooth dark skin when he appears normal.
You see this is the winged spirit called Mbewula whom some ancestors of this ancient land used to invoke during battles or for protection using their ancient nyanga rituals.
Mbewula is also the strong winged spirit whom healers say has found his way to the mythical Sapitwa after being in “Kuba” and another hidden area for a very long time.
One of the very rare ancient M’manga Mudzi anthill trees in Malawi.
There is a possibility that the mythical “Kuba” of some healers is actually Mount Namuli or Mocuba in Mozambique but this blog is still investigating to establish whether this is true or not.
Now this ancient Mbewula spirit and nyanga spirits are said to be dissolving and removing all power of nyanga that has been used to harm innocent people but not the one for self-protection say some healers.
That is why they believe all nyanga people who harm innocent people will fall and be disgraced as their powers are diluted and their evil ways exposed for all to see as the nyanga spirits pull them down and work with the winged spirits is an oracle from Sapitwa told to this blog.
In their vision of the “living dead” as they believe all spirits are immortal and that mizimu yakwiya (the spirits are angry), they talk of a powerful female healer being groomed to replace the first ancient Nyangu but not related to the known Nyangus of today.
With a fly-whisk she will make many nyanga people drop their charms including zithumwa (small magical pillows) is what this blog has been told in one of those “typical” Malawi matsenga stories.
This woman is also expected to dig up the secret place where an ancient nsupa (African wine kettle gourd) is buried so that she can destroy it and all powers associated with it so that all those who relied on it for good luck or love charms through evil means fall is the oral story told to this blog in Chichewa.
To be continued once more information is given to this blog.

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