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Of Ancient “Kuba” (Mt Namuli ) tales told by a Malawi Healer

A spirit (mizimu) from the “heavens” beyond the sun suddenly enters the M’manga Mudzi termite mound (chulu) with a distinct mpolowoni tree (Steganotaenia Araliacea tree) which suddenly explodes with lightning throughout that world to begin a creation is an ancient oral story told to this blog by a Sapitwa healer.

Some online sources define the Steganotaenia Araliacea tree as the Carrot Tree.
Mpolowoni (Steganotaenia Araliacea tree) photo taken from
Now in some countries within the Sadc region the “sacred fire sticks are fashioned from the straight stems of the carrot tree as these sticks are the only means by which the sacred fire may be kindled.
In Malawi, mpolowoni besides being used as a toy gun by children because of the sound it makes, it was also used as a symbol for lightning by some ancient priests and priestesses responsible for nsembe (sacrifices and offerings).
It’s through this lightning in a termite mound where the other mythical 6 spirits with Tomasi Bona (Atom) as the 7th came into being.
These were different from Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe (God) whom the ancestors believed was up above and beyond the sun and not on earth.
Tomasi Bona’s name means something like the whole world in his hands and feast drawn with a circle and cross which in English would probably be the equivalent of “All and Nothing”.
The other 6 spirits with Tomasi Bona of the North Wind as the seventh are the 4 positive male charges of Tagoneka Mbona of the West Wind, Chandiona Goneka of the South Wind, Nthanda mwana wa mwezi of the East (Sirius, child of the moon) and the three negative female charges of Sungamwana (keep the child) and Dziwe Ntambamwana (witchcraft pool) and Ife Zonse (All of us).
M’manga Mudzi, Mpolowoni anthill tree/mound in Malawi
According to the oral tales, this projection was always in 2s with a man and a woman just like pigeons (nkhunda) come in 2s claim healers.
Now this Tomasi Bona is said to have 4 heads (mutu) from which he projected himself from the One. These include Pikinini Langwani which healers translate as child and giant and Biton.
This blog will still not reveal the other 2 female names so they remain hidden for now but they are both Nyangus.
From those 4 heads are 3 others said to be at Machemba on Mulanje Mountain and these are Khumbi, Nthipe and Mpingo.
So there is Tomasi Bona as the Atom and One and his 4 children who are:
  1. Pikini Langwani of the North like the direction where Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe (God) is
  2. Biton of the East to mean the star like Sirius
  3. The Hidden woman Nyangu of the South to mean where water comes out
  4. The Hidden female Nyangu spirit of the West to mean the darkness , black cloud and all that can’t see
Now there is a suggestion that Tomasi Bona of the North could have also be present in ancient Egypt but this blog is still exploring such myths and once information is made available this blog will start sharing ancient secrets from that country.
Sapitwa and Kuba healers also have different beliefs about the relation between the sun and the moon.
They claim that the moon (mwezi) is not a friend of the sun (dzuwa) and that the moon is instead the companion of Nthanda, the Sirius star of the east which is like a (-) charge and a (+) charge  and that the sun is a companion of maize (chimanga).
However, this blog does not know when corn or maize existed in ancient Africa unless they migrated from the North, which healers insist.
Finger ground drawing of Napolo’s ancient name
They believed that the sun’s wife is maize and that sometime during the rainy season, the sun heats up the maize to help it grow properly and make it stronger (kukhwimitsa).
According to oral stories, “Kuba” is also the place where healers claimed to be able to “catch” a falling star and remove its tentacle looking like things based from the way they describe what they remove.
They therefore view “Kuba” as the place of the Star which is Sirius …nthanda and also the place where the new Nyangu will be revealed once the water from the South meets the North which sounds like a flood to this blog which is still researching to figure out it’s actual meaning.
Sirius Internet photo from

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