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Of ancient Malawi’s “Mbona Otsiriza” (last one) like in Osiris?

White light flashing like the sun and resembling lightning hits the roof of a building on a bright hot October day in Malawi as a young woman approaches the building almost tripping in the process.
Lightning photo taken
from the Wikipedia on

As the brightness of the light in a flash temporarily blinds her eyes she looks down and is suddenly confused with red spots that resemble blood appearing on the dusty ground before a mysterious watchman grabs her arm before she hits the ground.

She looks into his pigeon shaped eyes, smooth dark skin with a well shaped beard with hidden dreadlocks under his huge fedora looking brown hat.

So go such tales told by a female Mang’anja Sapitwa healer earlier before on this blog.  This healer believes in the power of Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe (God) and claims to send requests through the Almighty Power.

She suspects the woman in the said tales probably came face to face with their version of a different Mbona like serpent spirit who on rare occasion myths appears like a man through the flash of a bright white light in so-called folklore.

How lightning works photo taken from
Unknown to the woman there seems to be a scientific explanation to the way red light travels in a prism but NOT for winged mizimu (spirits) and how the royal ones with new bodies in the afterlife reportedly appear.

And according to the unofficial Wikipedia, lightning (mphenzi) is a "powerful sudden flow of electricity (an electrostatic discharge) accompanied by thunder that occurs during an electric storm. The discharge will travel between the electrically charged regions within a thundercloud (mabingu) , or between a cloud and a cloud, or between a cloud and the surface of a planet."
The name Mbona or M’bona means a Seer and is taken from –ona meaning to see or have a vision (masophenya) was known as a rain-maker but he got his powers from Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe by pointing his two-edged sword locally known as Kandalanga to the North to bring in the rains.
Now Sapitwa/Kuba healers use the term "Mbona Otsiriza" to mean the last born Mbona who completes it all and that word sounds like Osiris if Osiris is pronounced the African way.
Is this online statue of Osiris actually
“Mbona Otsiriza” whom
Sapitwa healers talk about?

You see in ancient Africa beliefs some immortal winged spirits from the beginning were “reincarnated” in that they chose to be born of a woman to make them like mortal beings.

That is why in ancient Malawi oral tales Mbona is at the beginning as a spirit called Tagoneka Mbona (we’ve put to sleep Mbona) from the West where the sun sets.

Other spirits are Tomasi Bona (Atom, feast) of the North wind, Chandiona Goneka (it’s seen me put to sleep) of the South and Nthanda mwana wa mwezi, Nandi of the East.

Now the word Last in Chichewa/Chinyanja is usually -maliza like in womaliza but in the spiritual language of the mountain wotsiriza means the one who ends it all.....complete.

That could also mean there were several Mbonas in history whose names should be made known and not only the title but this blog is still investigating.

Now Osiris in English has the word "Iris" which means the pupil of the eye.

The unofficial Wikipedia defines iris as "a thin, circular structure in the eye, responsible for controlling the diameter and size of the pupil and thus the amount of light reaching the retina. The color of the iris gives the eye its color."
Finger ground drawing of Napolo’s ancient name
which is Tomasi Bona….meaning the beginner and finisher like in complete

More details about the last born Mbona will be made available once Sapitwa oracles some healers talk about are given to this blog. 

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