Thursday, October 23, 2014

Stop posting silly comments on this blog some fellow Malawians

Internet photo of Bob Marley 

I'm appealing to a few fellow Malawians who don't follow this blog but like posting stupid stuff on this blog about so-called "Illuminati" to stop doing that immediately.

There are many people globally interesting in reading about ancient Malawi Myths and Tales so stop trying to scare them away or trying to label our ancestors evil.

Us black people have a rich ancient history so those "Judas Iscariot" kind of black people who don't want to accept that blacks can be good people should share their views on their own blogs.  Please free yourselves from mental slavery.

Even the Greeks, Romans and Chinese have their Mythology and ancient history in books and online so if the West and East and other African countries do that, why do you feel it's necessary to cyber-bully women sharing oral stories?

Many foreign blogs share such information freely with no one bothering them. Because of some fellow Malawians trying to sabotage this blog, we have had to change the settings so that not everyone can comment although that is what we had originally wanted.

Sadly, this is because of some few Malawians who want to sabotage other people's work.  May God who remains Almighty forever help them see the light and take them out of the darkness of hatred and jealousy,,,,peace.

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