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Unmasking ancient Malawi’s ChInSInSi (Isis) secrets and mounds…

Internet photo of a red veil not connected to this blog oral story
As this blog continues getting Sapitwa (Mulanje Mountain) and now “Kuba” (Mount Namuli) oracles this blog is again not endorsing any beliefs but just repeating words told to it.
This follows a Kuba priestess responsible for nsembe saying that Nyangu as in Chinsinsi is out (watuluka) meaning all secrets and that spirit are out in her belief system.
Chinsinsi in Chichewa/Chinyanja means Secret and most things about her have been a secret until now….
This blog is still investigating her name in other languages including Lhomwe and why some of her priestesses use red veils among other colours during their ancient rites. 
These are not ancestral spirits (mizimu yamakolo) from the dead but winged ones from the beginning of creation tales about winged spirits and not us human beings told by some healers.
Is that an Orb or dust spot on the left side of this M’manga Mudzi mound of Tomasi Bona (Atom) photo?
The mythical four winds of Sapitwa are blowing in all directions from North, South, West and East when all of a sudden a spiral shape movement in the water twirls up to a cave (phanga) like hole in the hidden part of Mulanje Mountain known as home for the spirits (mizimu) in ancient Malawi oral Myths and Tales.
Suddenly a lady in bright white wearing a white veil and her forehead shining like a bright star (nyenyezi) appears.
This is the arrival of ChInSInSi of the Sungamwana spirit (mizimu) of the South which in ancient Malawi tales meant water and she was part of the ancient Malawi saying “so below as above” or “as above so below”.
That is the part of Sapitwa which healers insist no mortal man has gone and it remains hidden maybe in an astral realm or other dimension.
According to healers this female spirit which can appear as a beautiful woman is surrounded with money and many coins thrown into the water near her.
Dziwe la Nkhalamba
Those who claim to trek there through suspected astral realms don’t dare take the money to avoid her wrath and end up thrown into the lake and forced into the afterlife according to some local oral stories.
Now in Chichewa/Chinyanja the “so below as above” saying is:
“Chochepa chimakulitsidwa ndi kuima pamwamba anthu apansi azafuula ngati mphambe mpolowoni”.
In a nutshell it means a small thing is made big by standing on top and the people (anthu but mizimu like in spirits) below will shout like thunder mpolowani which is like lightning.
Some of our ancestors believed that mpolowani (the Steganotaenia Araliacea tree) is like lightning in a zigzag from above to hit the ground like “fire” with positive and negative charges hence their “primitive” beliefs that mizimu (spirits) operate or appear with lightning.
So the priestess would symbolically hold the mpolowani upward while the other hand was pointing downwards.
Chinsinsi is a mythical water spirit and when she appeared above which is on land and at the mythical astral real of Sapitwa, it would represent the belief system that spirits appear above on hills or high mountain tops of Mulanje Mountain and below in the water like in Dziwe la Nkhalamba, lakes and the ocean (Nyanja ya mchere).
Now when she pointed her right hand up and the left one down it would symbolize her taking of energy among other things to empower herself and make her stronger by using a narrow necked calabash locally known as Nsupa which female healers have not used since or the harmless nsengwa small basket.
Today only a few male Malawi healers use the “magicial” Nsupa made from the African wine kettle gourd which some ancient Malawi’s “kings’ used for drinking alcohol.
This is why Chinsinsi but written as ChInSInSi whom some healers nicknamed Isis but pronounced differently from the ancient Egypt one was feared and believed to be a powerful goddess locally known as mizimu (winged spirit).
Her gourd is said to have arisen from a mound where its seed was planted.
The mound is the one of Tomasi Bona known as M’manga Mudzi because its from there where he produced seven spirits but he was not Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe (God) whom ancestors believed was the overall Creator of the whole universe up in the sky.
The ancient Malawi version of Isis was given the name Nyangu which is a royal title given to many ancient women of Malawi and some modern day ones whom this blog is not writing about.
Now the priestesses of Isis are known to cover their heads and wear veils at the mountain where they say WORDS like in MAU appear which for them have magical powers.
Even illiterate female healers are somehow able to understand the words and hieroglyphic like writings in different languages, especially those that concern secret words and names to use in their rituals and spells for protection and other powers.
The women of Sapitwa describe the Creator as being behind the sun….way above in the sky and to date they have not revealed anything about their version of the heavens where He is.
Could this also be an ancient Malawi “as below so above ritual”
Photo taken from ‘How To Make It Rain; A Malawian Ancestral Story of Mbona the Rain Maker”
photo from
However they claim that the South is soon going to meet the North and this will cause floods and that is when things will turn around like a compass.
This is in line with their beliefs of Tomasi Bona (Atom) being of the North wind and from the North and his other name is Napolo…the mythical serpent spirit said to be behind storms, landslides and earthquakes in oral stories.
Others are Tagoneka Mbona (we’ve put to sleep Mbona, to see) of the West were the sun sets, Chandiona Goneka (it’s seen me put to sleep) of the South and Nthanda mwana wa mwezi, Nandi (Sirius, child of the moon).
The four positive male charges (+) and the three negative female charges (-) are believed to pull each other like a magnet to create White Light. Now this figure is drawn as an African cross with the three inside just like a compass for direction to show N, S, W and E.
And when this happens…some assume the map of Africa will be turned around to point north and look like a MOUND (chulu) which the healers believe was there in the beginning when Tomasi Bona (Atom, feast) projected himself to create seven spirits through lightning while inside a mound with water and “lakes” below.
This was to again reflect their theory that opposites attract with lightning above and water working together to expand a spiritual world.
Now Chinsinsi with the abbreviations is believed to be of the Sungamwana spirit hence the phrase “Chinsinsi Sungamwana” which in brief is “Isis Sungamwana” which means Isis keep the child so such makewana (mother of the child) spirits were always holding a child or carrying them on their back.
Sapitwa healers say this image of “Makewana”
with a nsengwa small basket is accurate.

But this blog is not writing about his official “Makewana”.
Photo – © 2013 Max Dashu –
image created for [Malawi] Woman Shaman: the Ancients taken from
However this blog is not talking about the official Makewana but using the term which some healers use to describe the mother of any child or children and not the nation as the official Makewana in Malawi’s history was known for.
Chinsinsi’s face was always hidden and a veil covered her hair and some male Mozambican healers claimed seeing the hair of such spirits was bad luck as they seemed to move like serpents.
Spirits are also believed to be invisible but only visible to those who seek and their eyes are opened but they need to focus and have vision (masophenya).
This is why  certain Sapitwa/Kuba healers say “ukapilira uona maso ankhono” meaning if one is patient they’ll see the eyes of a snail which in turn means that if one is patient they will see the sacred eye in the storm like a whirlwind, cyclone or other winds which they attribute to Napolo of ancient Malawi.
Napolo is a mythical upright serpent spirit that moves with heavy winds, landslides and earthquakes in a straight path so in ancient times priests and priestesses would forewarn kingdoms when it was about to erupt so go some of the oral stories.
Such healers claim that snails (nkhono) are secretive and hide their shells (nkungwa) and the only way one can see it is by smashing or removing the shell in the same way when the Napolo winds controlled by secretive mizimu (spirits) pass by they are unseen unless one is patient and removes the veil to see the hidden face.
One of those spirits is said to be Chinsinsi as she was one of the seven in the ancient Malawi creation myths known as “Chinsinsi Sungamwana”.
This ancient Chinsinsi was a dark-skinned beautiful lady with short knotted hair and dressed in blue with a baby on her back. The baby on her back was another secret because that baby never grew.
Finger drawing on the ground for Napolo who is Tomasi Bona
The baby was an adult man born from the spirit world by entering the womb of a chosen woman to make her a living “goddess” in ancient Malawi Myths and Tales.
This blog can also reveal that the ancient male spirit behind the back of Chinsinsi is Tomasi Bona whose face cannot easily be seen as he belongs to the mythical Underworld in ancient Sapitwa and “Kuba” tales.
So for healers to get through Tomasi Bona, they have to go through the women from whom he is born of to become like a mortal human being since Tomasi Bona (Atom) is an immortal spirit who appears like a serpent Napolo spirit like ancient Egypt’s Atum.
Because of possession some of these women wore a cloth like veil or mask so that those who were not “initiated” or chosen could not see the face of Tomasi Bona who possessed them through intimacy which was symbolized by the mound.
Such female healers are said to disappear for three days to the depths of the earth, the Indian Ocean to be specific in a ritual which will make them be born again of Mother Earth and the spirits (mizimu).
This is believed to give them the power to see the spirit world and be a part of it while living on earth as mortal beings.
In ancient Malawi Myths and Tales, female spirits were believed to be in water unlike the male ones which dominated mounds, the hills and mountains among other places.
Now out of the winged female spirits of the water were three good (+) and bad (-) ones mainly Sungamwana (keep the child), Dziwe Ntambamwana (witchcraft pool) and Ife Zonse (All of us).
The Dziwe Ntambamwana one is said to always be dressed in red and very aggressive…..she’s the demon (chiwanda) who usually shows her forbidden fruit when dancing as that is her area in oral stories.
Representing 4 winds of Sapitwa
(mphepo zinayi) of North, South, West and East
This blog is still investigating to find out who Ife Zonse is. But anyway it’s these three spirits said to have been born out of ancient Malawi’s Napolo whose name is Tomasi Bona (Atom).
You see the ancestors of this land now called Malawi believed that the earth was like a Mother and the water her womb and that when a powerful healer would somehow be taken by water spirits to the spirit world at the depths of the ocean, they would be born again from the water with tsunami like waves contractions and the raging floods as the water breaking to release the healer from Mother Earth.
To be continued once more oracles from Kuba are made known.

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