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Of Ancient Malawi’s Mikolo Njinjinji (Ibis) Winged Spirit Of Meteorites?

Is that an Orb or dust spot on the left side of the M'manga Mudzi mound photo?
Is that an Orb or dust spot on the left side of the M’manga Mudzi mound photo where an asteroid/meteorite/comet (nyenyezi) is believed to have crashed centuries ago?

For those interested in ancient Malawi Myths and Tales from thousands of years ago including the alphabet from 3200 BC up to the period of the Abathwa/Abatwa or Amwandionerapati this blog needs to point out how some “Africa” secret society words were defined differently.
The word “Africa” is used here because some of our ancestors were like nomads and the tales involve this land now called Malawi around 3200 BC and before so some words were not always Chichewa/Chinyanja so they’ve been translated.
For example bwalo is the palm but for others ground or court etc. Another “Sapitwa” word to do with their “spiritual world” is something that sounds like Benikulu for a bird like the Phoenix which is also known as Bennu in ancient Egypt.
A Sapitwa healer claims that is an ancient bird of a land where many Malawians travelled to and the Sapitwa oracle says that bird will rise from the ashes like an injured eagle heading towards the sun to be healed and powerful.
There is also Tomasi Bona (Atom, feast) known as Napolo, Mbewula and Robert as in Azriel among many other words said by the female priestess (nsembe) in Malawi.
 “Chochepa chimakulitsidwa ndi kuima pamwamba anthu apansi azafuula ngati mphambe mpolowoni.
In a nutshell it means a small thing is made big by standing on top and the people (anthu but mizimu like in spirits) below will shout like thunder mpolowani which is like lightning. SO ABOVE AS BELOW
Now the oral story this blog is not endorsing but just telling it like it is:

This is a depiction of how the Sphinx and the three Pyramids at Giza would align with Orion's Belt in the year 10,450 BC taken from
This is a depiction of how the Sphinx and the three Pyramids at Giza would align with Orion’s Belt in the year 10,450 BC taken from

A middle-aged Malawian woman visiting relations outside the city suddenly falls asleep and dreams of a land way beyond the rainbow, way up above in the sky….behind the stars.
Some revelations of the secrets of ancestors of this land now called Malawi come to her….the chinsinsi (secrets) of the ancient mafumu (kings) and their high priests and priestesses responsible for nsembe.
In the middle of her dream she suddenly sees black and the universe and stars (nyenyezi) with a black man suddenly appearing on top of one of the “stars” which looks like a whitish rock.
Staring at the man before her up in the sky, the woman can’t help notice his features and the way he’s dressed like a security person with his shirt full of medals as if he has one several wars.
All of a sudden the woman sees a triangle shape way below and near the ground where she is which resembles a pyramid.
The man now standing in the middle of the triangle suddenly shifts with force and pushes one of the nyenyezi (stars) downward in a straight line as it moves fast as a “falling star” ready to slam into earth.
He’s dressed as a security officer ready for battle as in correcting the wrong things to become right and he pushes a star to the ground below which is earth.
This is ancient Malawi’s Mikolo Njinjinji (African Sacred Ibis) spirit of the Universe as he’s known at the mythical realm of Sapitwa…the highest peak of Mulanje Mountain believed to have an invisible spiral like “black hole” into another “dimension”.
It is only later when browsing online that the woman will realize that the vision she saw was similar to the Giza Plateau which depicts how the Sphinx and the three Pyramids at Giza would align with Orion’s Belt in the year 10,450 BC.
“The three Pyramids exactly simulate the stars Delta Orionis [Mintaka]Epsilon [Alnilam], and Zeta [Alnitak] that comprise the Orion Belt.
“During this era, the Age of Leo, The Sphinx, which originally may have fully resembled a lion, would have been looking directly due east at its celestial counterpart as it rose at dawn of the vernal equinox in 10,450 BC.
“At the same time, the Nile would have corresponded with the Milky Way”, further reads

Illustration showing OSIRIS-REx in orbit around asteroid Bennu. Credit: NASA

Now when calculating where exactly such a “star” or asteroid would land, one realizes that the secret location as in chinsinsi is somewhere in the northern part of Malawi.
This blog has the exact spot according to healers but that information will be kept secret for now and it’s a deserted area and there is potential for gold being discovered around there.
This will not be the first time that a main comet or asteroid has fallen in this ancient land now called Malawi or nearby countries.
An asteroid is believed to have fallen where Mulanje Mountain is millions of years ago and healers say that is how the life there came into being through Tomasi Bona (Atom, feast) as an asteroid or comet (nyenyezi, mwala) exploding through a termite like mound to begin the spirit world BELOW on earth.

Is this statue used as a decoration at a certain Game Reserve in the Sadc region representing the ancient Chinsinsi (secret) meaning of "As above, so below" drawn as an E in the man shouting of the 3200 BC African alphabet?
Is this statue used as a decoration at a certain Game Reserve in the Sadc region representing the ancient Chinsinsi (secret) meaning of “As above, so below” drawn as an E in the man shouting of the 3200 BC African alphabet?

It’s through this lightning in a termite mound where the other mythical 6 spirits with Tomasi Bona (Atom) as the 7th came into being.
These were different from Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe (God) whom the ancestors believed was up above and beyond the sun and not on earth.
Tomasi Bona’s name means something like the whole world in his hands and feast drawn with a circle and cross which in English would probably be the equivalent of “All and Nothing”.
The other 6 spirits with Tomasi Bona of the North Wind as the seventh are the 4 positive male charges of Tagoneka Mbona (put to sleep Mbona) of the West Wind, Chandiona Goneka (it’s seen me put to sleep) of the South Wind and Nthanda mwana wa mwezi, Nandi of the East (Sirius, child of the moon).
The three negative female charges are Chinsinsi Sungamwana (Secret or Isis keep the child) and Dziwe Ntambamwana (magic pool) and Ife Zonse (All of us).
According to the oral tales, this projection was always in 2s with a male and female, just like pigeons (nkhunda) come in 2s claim healers.
Now this Tomasi Bona is said to have 4 heads (mutu) from which he projected himself from the One. These include Pikinini Langwani of “Kuba” (Mt Namuli) which healers translate as child and giant and Biton.
This blog will still not reveal the other 2 female names so they remain hidden for now but they are both Nyangus.
From those 4 heads are 3 others said to be at Machemba on Mulanje Mountain and these are Khumbi, Nthipe and Mpingo.
So there is Tomasi Bona as the Atom and One and his 4 children who are:
  1. Pikini Langwani of the North like the direction where Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe (God) is
  2. Biton of the East to mean the star like Sirius
  3. The Hidden woman Nyangu of the South to mean where water comes out
  4. The Hidden female Nyangu spirit of the West to mean the darkness , black cloud and all that can’t see and all these four have stars in the Universe.

Malawian healers call Mt Namuli in Mozambique "Kuba"
Some Malawian healers call Mt Namuli in Mozambique “Kuba”

Now some shooting stars represented the journey of a king into the Afterlife when it fell West were the sun sets and the birth of a king when it fell East and stopped on the place where the new king would be born.
Such a star known as Nthanda mwana wa mwezi, Nandi (Sirius, child of the moon) to represent birth of a mortal being through a woman like ChInSInSi Sungamwana (Isis, the secret keep the child) would appear near the place like an ancient African cross to represent the 4 winds of Sapitwa (mphepo zinayi).
Now the ancestors of this land thousands of years things believed some mizimu (spirits) as in what Egyptologists or scholars call “gods” were kind of reincarnated in that the ancient spirits were born in women to become man.
Such beings of the spirit were believed to stay in the womb of a woman which represented Mother Earth for 8 months and then disappear and go under the Indian Ocean for 3 days before being born like a flood to represent the amniotic fluids.
When ancient African priests and priestesses suspect such a birth of the mizimu “spirit” to give them mortal bodies they would warn people of the Napolo floods and earthquake that would come with them.

Finger ground drawing of Napolo's ancient name which is Tomasi Bona....meaning the beginner and finisher like in complete...what goes around comes around like in Karma
Finger ground drawing of Napolo’s ancient name which is Tomasi Bona….meaning the beginner and finisher like in complete…what goes around comes around like in KARMA

And that was Chinsinsi Sungamwana translated as “Isis Sungamwana” or Nyangu Sungamwana or MALIYA.
When this spirit from the water met the ones from the North and united….floods were said to happen which are similar to online stories about the flooding of the Nile which was symbolic of something very important to the ancestors and it was only through a WOMANwhere these mizimu (spirits) could be made MAN through birth.
Now this blog will start revealing the 7 winged spirits of ABOVE by beginning with 3:
  1. Mikolo Njinjinji (African Sacred Ibis) responsible for battles and security issues in the Universe, way up and beyond the sun where no man goes but only winged mizimu (spirits) whom a Sapitwa healer claims is close to the Creator of the Universe in their belief system.The name Njinjinji sounds a little bit similar to ancient Egypt’s Djhuiti whom scholars or those who studied Egyptology call “Thoth’. It also sounds like Michinji, a district in beautiful Malawi and the name is said to have derived from a particular sound the said bird makes so Njinjinji was like the Ibis.
    There is also a possibility Njinjinji’s could have once appeared or worked through the name “Tuthomosis”
    “King Tuthmosis III was the grandfather of King Amenhotep III and this blog asks if Tuthmosis, the fighter was connected to the Mossi (or Mole, Mosse) people of central Burkina Faso, living mostly in the villages of the Nazinon and Nakanbe (formerly Volta) River Basin.
    Now Tuthmosis III means Thoth is Born”…like in Njinjinji!!!

Mizimu (spirit) which the west calls "god" of Knowledge, Hieroglyphics and Wisdom photo taken from
Mizimu (spirit) which the west calls “god” of Knowledge, Hieroglyphics and Wisdom photo taken from

  1. Another winged spirit is Kabadula Malawi or is it Maravi whose name means shorts as in Kabudula but in ancient times it was the shorts that looked like nappy while the women wore nyanda. The kabadula was like the one drawn on the cover of the “Ulendo Series, Mtunda 8, Chichewa for Standard 8″ book and his nickname was Kaba because of the ancient Malawi “sacred” way he dressed by covering the forbidden areas unlike in other cultures at the time that left the area exposed.
  1. The third for today is Saka like in the Hunter like in “saka chirombo cha nyanga” (hunt the beast with horns) or something that sounds like it and that names sounds like ancient Egypt’s Shabaka or South Africa’s Shaka in the way that mizimu (spirit) is described but this blog is not saying it is but only trying to explain the way it sounds.
Ancestors believed that certain asteroids/comets they call nyenyezi (falling or shooting stars) brought life and many other things to earth besides GOLD in areas where they “given” and fell.
So far the eyes of some “primitive” astronomers are on what some scientists and astronomers call Asteroid 101955 Bennu.  In September 2016, NASA is expected to launch “a very special mission with the target being the near-Earth asteroid 101955 Bennu.”
“The primary objective of the Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, and Security– Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) mission is to return the first pristine samples of carbon-rich material from the surface of a primitive asteroid.
“Primitive” in regard to asteroids means original material formed at the beginning of the solar system that’s been little altered by heat or pressure. Look around you and you won’t find these sorts of rocks on Earth. Most have been reworked and recycled through water and wind erosion and the great engine of plate tectonics.
“While there are plenty of primitive asteroids out there, Bennu stands out as the most easily accessible one by space probe” reads

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